Our Rooms and Age Groups
Our nursery compromises of separate rooms for children in each stage of their development, with each room creating as much curiosity, awe and wonder as possible. Activities are carefully thought of through observation and planning, our team have regular discussions to enhance children’s interests. We have ample outdoor space to cater for all ages, we make use of this rich learning environment with activities including den building, bug hunts, climbing, making mud pies and bike riding. The children love to explore our natural outdoors and love to bring the nature indoors.

Baby room

Our baby room offers and calm, tranquil space for our youngest children to explore. Our adjoining baby rooms are fully equipped and resourced with everything your child will need throughout the day. We ensure they are loved and cared for by our most experienced qualified staff. We strive to ensure our babies are comforted with cuddles and settled by our wonderful team.

When joining our nursery we ensure we have settling in sessions for all children so that the transition period is smooth. Through informative chats during taster session we can gather as much information on your child as possible to get to know them as best we can. We ensure a firm understanding of their needs, routines, bottle feeds and eating routines. Your child will be nurtured and cuddled through out the day to create them key bonds between the child and key worker.

Our baby room has a home from home feel and we endeavour to create spaces for children to play, explore, crawl, toddle or create. We love treasury baskets that children enjoy exploring. All things you would find at home, which helps our babies to understand the world around them. Wooden, stainless steel, real veggies to play with, great sensory experiences

We have a lovely outdoor space covered with trees for our babies, they can enjoy climbing, playing in our large sand area, water play, cosy reading areas and just simply enjoy the natural world around them.

We have imaginary, comfortable, exploratory and physical areas as well as messy play and a book corner.

We aim to follow your routine when settling your baby into nursery , you know your child best and we work closely with you on a daily basis.

Each child 0 – 24 months has their own Key Worker who will inform you of their progress, activities, and daily routines.

The information will be provided in a  ‘chatabout’ diary which can be kept in their bag and is a two way communication between parents and staff.

Your child will also have their own learning  journey which is a record of their progress and achievements and a link between home and nursery. This includes a daily diary so that staff can consistently inform you of your child’s day.

Food and drink

We adapt our menus to suit the younger children in the baby rooms. We closely follow your routine at mealtimes and provide breakfast, Lunch and tea providing they are the sessions your child attends. We ask that you provide your own ready made up formula for your baby  a supply of nappies or pull-ups and baby wipes.

Babies who take a nap remain in the same room as staff at all times and are fully monitored when sleeping. We have soothing spa music with essential oils to help them sleep peacefully to reenergise for the rest of the day.

Toddler Room

Our toddler room is a provides a fun and exciting environment with cosy spaces and lots of messy play. Our toddlers are very special as they are starting to learn language becoming more physical, toilet training and more. Our rooms are a haven of challenging, stimulating planned activities for children to explore. Are children usually transition around two years old to this room but again this is not set in stone as we are firm believers children progress at different stages.

In depth discussions around toilet training and sleep routines will take place when your child joins our toddler room to get a great understanding of how we can support each individual unique child.

Our toddlers can enjoy painting, mark making, imaginative play, stories and singing amongst baking and play dough making. We also have direct access to outdoor play where children start to form little friendships whilst having the freedom to investigate and explore.

Again we have a key person system to ensure your child feels safe and secure with lots of love and cuddles to ease your child’s transition. Our children will have more opportunity to explore real resources such as stainless steel and  china tea sets, we teach the children to look after these wonderful resources and are carefully supervised by mindful staff members.

These  rooms enable the children to have access to the full range of activities throughout their day as they are encouraged to move from room to room to explore all areas and activities.

We are all about children learning through splashing in puddles or cutting their own fruit, climbing trees and playing in nature, it enables children to feel they have responsibility and able to give things ago.

The opportunities are endless…

Preschool Room

As our children embark on their last years at nursery before transitioning to school we provide a haven of high quality activities that promote life skills. We enjoy playing with REAL authentic resources that require our eldest children to use their imaginations, creativity and critical thinking.

We enjoy woodwork, Spanish, letters and sounds and self serve at lunch time. We strive to develop confidence, independence skills and friendships. Our preschool children develop skills of empathy, kindness love and compassion for their friends and others. We have found our new approach has helped children to solve problems and work together. The atmosphere is calm and shared ideas can be seen between friends. They help each other, listen to one another and learn to share resources.

The preschool space is wonderful neutral space with different treasures to explore, they have access to a large outdoor area with places to climb be creative or run and play games with friends. They are able to use funnels and tubes for water and have access to their own water pipe.

Preschool’s about children learning holistically through friendships and a love of learning naturally, we want them to start school with lots of happy memories and equipped with all the fundamental skills needed.