“We Provide A Caring, Safe and Secure Environment To Inspire Young Minds.”

Welcome to Parrock House Nursery

At Parrock House nursery we treat every child as a precious individual and appreciate your trust in placing your child in our care. Our primary concern is the all round well being and development of your child, emotionally and educationally, and your peace of mind whilst they are in our care.We aim to keep each child  safe and stimulated, happy and loved. Children are given opportunities to explore, develop, learn and play and we provide a positive homely feel for your child to grow with confidence.

Our Approach

We have moved away from the use of plastic, manufactured toys and instead embarked on a wonderful journey changing the way we teach our thinkers and doers of the future. At our nursery we provide a calm, tranquil magical and wonderous environment, were children are encouraged and given opportunities to PLAY with REAL AUTENTIC treasures.  We aim to provide a homely environment with neutral colours, cosy spaces and an array of beautiful natural resources, recycled materials and loose parts. We are so lucky to have such wonderful garden spaces surrounded by enormous trees. Our large gardens provide children with abundance of opportunities from tree swings to mud kitchens to woodwork and not to mention the freedom for physical activities.

Each room is carefully set out with invitations and provocations to learning and all staff are there to interact and help develop your child’s interests, skills and knowledge through exploring and investigating together.

We provide an environment which plays a key part in supporting children’s learning and is caring, nurturing, kind and respectful. Happy confident children will thrive when they feel completely at ease in there play space. We aim to meet the needs of each child and to enable them to take advantage of the extensive play and learning opportunities that we provide.

Caring qualified staff

A number of our staff have been with us since we opened in 2007 and we have a dedicated team of professionals led by an Early Years Teacher and Early Years Professional. Over a third  of our staff are Graduate level with qualifications in Child care and Education.Between us we have a wealth of experience to ensure your peace of mind as parents. Each child has their own key person who will work closely with children and ensure they build them crucial bonds. They will observe, play, interact and help children in their group to learn new skills. They track their progress through our online learning journals which can be accessed by yourselves when ever you like.

We have an ongoing partnership with parents and carers. You know your child best and our relationship with you is very important to us at Parrock House. We aim to maintain a close partnership with parents with daily interaction, consultation and feedback through our online learning journals.